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Facts, numbers and reports mean a lot to a business. Before starting a new plan,  you need to do analysis; after a project, you need to do evaluation. If you use the data properly, your company can be more easily lead to a better business direction.

We understand that preparing a Report may be a headache to you. Take it easy! CloudSoft CRM brings you a brand new experience in generating reports.

In CloudSoft, 10 types of report are ready for your use. Choose the correct type of Report according to your need and purpose. Make progress on your business by using the suitable Report!



Contact Details Report

Know more about your clients - NameCompanyPositionIndustryPhone NumbersEmail and Address. Their information means a lot to your company!

Existing Clients Report

Want to know which customer or company is the most important to your business? Check their Accumulated Sales Amount. You can even check your Last Contact and Last Event with them, so that you can always keep your relationship warm.

Industry Distribution Report

See which Industry your clients are from, customize plans for them! You can also decide which industry(s) to approach in the future.

Initial Response Time Report

This report shows you how long it is taking your sales team to respond to clients after their initial contact. Set a limit or target for your salespeople!

Item Report

This report is more like a record for existing items. See Item Code Number of Deals and Accumulated Amount of Sales here.

Most Profitable Customers Report

Find out who your most profitable customers are with the record of Number of Deals and Accumulated Amount of Sales .


Most Profitable Item Report

Let you know which Services or Products are the most famous among your customers and profitable to your business. You can also have a look of the Unit Price, and Percentage of Sales here.

Owner Sales Report

This tells you how much sales did each user or salesperson generate in a certain period. You can view the Total Amount of SalesNumber of Projects and Percentage. 

Sales Report 

If you create Invoice Number and Payment Method as Custom Fields items in Deal, you can make a Sales Report that help the Sales and Marketing Team.

Status Report (Contact Log)

Show you the last Contact Date with your customers. Also you can check which Status are the customers in and take related actions with support of PurposeProject Name and Method.




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