Prioritizing Leads and Contacts Efficiently to Maximize Your Productivity


A successful salesperson always maintains a long list of existing and potential customers. It is impossible to cater the need of all of them. As a result, prioritizing customers becomes one of the key factors affecting the number of sales. Based on the past data stored in the CRM system, it is never easier to find out which customer is more important to you and which is not. In general, customers can be prioritized using the following rules:

- Whether the expected gross profit generated is high

- Whether payment is paid on time

- Whether the customer is iconic and can potentially help you to create promotional effect

- Whether the customer admires the value of your company

- Whether the customer owns a lot of potential referrals

- Whether the customer will continuously demand your products in the future

- Whether the customer contributes a significant part of your sales

- Whether you like this customer

After deciding which kinds of customers are the most important to you, you can categorize your clients easily by adding different Tags. 

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